Imatec Grinder Available for purchase

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Imatec grinder information Type: ITG 1/150/G Serial # 97-113 Year: 1997 Electrical: 480V 63A 60 Hz, Conveyor belt width: 150mm, Conveyor belt length: 4600mm, Spindle speed of grinding wheel is constant at 1750 RPM. The spindle motor power: 18.5KW / 24.8 HP Machine controlled by PLC, an Allen Bradley SLC with operator panel.

Asking price:$85,000.00 USD

Description of the Basic Machine The stand of the machine is made of welded steel construction and can be filled with polymer concrete. On the stand is fixed the base of the machine. The stand can be separated from the base for transport and the working height of the machine can be adapted to other machines in the same production line by using another height stand. The base of the machine is a heavy stable casting (approx. 800kg). On this stand is fixed the grinding table, the conveyor belt system and the grinding station. (The base is always made for max. 2 stations). The inner form of the casting is optimal for the best return flow of coolant and swarf.             Page 2